Naval Weapons Station – Goose Creek, South Carolina

Our trip from St Mary’s, Georgia to Goose Creek, South Carolina was an easy and pleasant trip.  We listened to the oldies on the country radio station and sang along with some songs.  Our stay here in the Charleston area will be to do doctor appointments, visit with friends and enjoy our daughter and granddaughters.

Tim had followup appointments with Dr Cook, his dermatologist, whom did a wonderful job on his nose.  His appointment was successful so that made us happy.  We both had eye doctor appointments, Tim had an appointment with the cornea specialist plus we had physicals with our regular doctor.  I even had a mamogram and bone density test.  Got our prescriptions filled at the Air Force Base so we are good for 3 more months.

Time on the boat was an extra bonus.  We had it completely cleaned and tuned and then had to buy new batteries to keep it running.  Boats are very expensive but we sure enjoy being out on the water.  We went out with friends, with family and also by ourselves.  Saw dolphins swimming in the Cooper River and we get as excited as the kids when we see them.  We usually take a good book and lunch and just cruise around.  One day we cruised up the Ashley River which was different for us.  All in all great boating experiences.

Visiting with grandchildren and daughter also was very enjoyable.  They have such pleasant personalities and just make us feel so young.  Dinners out, dinners in, visiting at my house, visiting at their house were part of the fun.

Tim, Julia, our 10 year old granddaughter, and myself went for a bike ride on the Navy Base and I had an accident.  It required 15 stitches in one leg and 16 in the other plus it delayed our departure.  Julia was a little trooper.  We were close to the Fire Station on base so Tim left us there and rode back to get the truck.  The blood was oozing so we went into the fire station and asked if they could bandage me up.  What great guys.  They even put me on oxygen to calm me down.  When Tim came back with the truck one of the fireman lead us to the hospital and went and got me a wheel chair and told them to take care of me right away.  Super guy.  After 7 days I was to get the stitches out and it became infected so I was put on antibiotics for 10 days.  When I went to have the stitches out the doctor told me I had cut it the wrong way (will explain this later).  He took the stitches out and gave us an okay to start traveling again.  

Stay tuned for our trip west




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